Data Analysis

Specialising in the analysis of marine ultrasound data from Chelonia Ltd C-PODs.
Having worked closely with Chelonia Ltd to develop new analysis software I am authorised and recommended by them to carry out C-POD data analysis on their behalf.

Analysis of C-POD data

Analysis is done by examination of each data file using visual and numerical methods.

1. Identify, quantify and report on:

  ●  Integrity of data record.
  ●  Period of adequate deployment.
  ●  Period of correct operation.
  ●  Period(s) of loss of sensitivity due to high levels of ambient noise.
  ●  Extent of any such variation in sensitivity in terms of likely effect on detection rates.
  ●  Extent of false positive detections from boat sonars or noise.
  ●  For dolphin studies a choice must been made between two available classifiers and the basis for the choice will be explained.
  ●  How the data set compares with others in the knowledge of the author.

2. Deliver operational statistics:

  ●  Excel spreadsheets with appropriate detection statistics for each data file.
  ●  Some supporting analysis will be provided in relation to significant noise or other issues if present.
  ●  Relational Access database with train details linked to file name and POD identifier, and some queries to allow extraction of seasonal and diurnal patterns. Users will be able to add a linked table giving location and other deployment information that may be relevant.

3. Presentational material:

  ●  Some PNG format graphics illustrating the C-POD data features at a simple level will be provided from the data files submitted.

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► SAMBAH - Static Acoustic Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise

This is an international project involving all EU countries around the Baltic Sea, with the ultimate goal to secure the conservation of the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise.
Working with Dr Nick Tregenza of Chelonia Ltd I helped analyse over 400 years of C-POD data collected from the SAMBAH C-PODs deployed for 2 years in the Baltic. To date this is the largest passive acoustic monitoring project in the world and has contributed invaluable evidence to support the protection of the endangered Baltic harbour porpoise.
You can read more about SAMBAH here.

► Vaquita - Static Acoustic Monitoring of the critically endangered Mexican porpoise

You can read more about the project to save the Vaquita from extinction here.